Heading Home – Hawaii

I’ve had my emotional ups and downs on this trip. There’s a generally scuzzy atmosphere just beneath the tourist feel. Customer service is either really great or your waiter is begging to get slapped.  

You’ve probably noticed travelers that do this…not engaged in conversation with others, bury their heads in their laptops and iPhones. However, when Internet reception is spotty, it can sometimes be torture, for all of us. Reception here is spotty on a good day…even in Starbucks.

View from Diamond Head

Met some good peeps here and had some funny adventures. One of the realities of solo travel is, even in this age of social media that keeps us connected, once you leave a place and the trip is over, your paths will most likely not cross again…even with a little Facebook stalking.  Good byes are bittersweet-but not so much though that you aren’t already planning adventures at the next destination.  Don’t put your travel bag away so quickly, Q! We’ll be heading out again in a couple weeks

Hawaii – The Departure

We left for the airport a little after 6:00 am. I left my furry friends with Mom, and attached to each cage, a name plate listing each one’s modus operandi. I have learned from previous incidents my creatures will dupe a care-giver whom has not been forewarned.

Bruce, (on left), whispers to Q, “Take me with you!”.

Q said her goodbyes to each one of them individually. It was touching.

Mom made a Hawaii themed card for Q and I. Q loves the sparkles.

We got to the airport without incident. I urged Q to put on clothes before we got to the terminal. She wore her new handbag. Baby steps.

Q was playing in the decorative plants and believed we were already in Hawaii.
She was thrilled to start the day with a macadamia nut cookie and a Bloody Mary.
I guess I haven’t been to Terminal B since the renovations, (where Hawaiian Airlines is).  I looks like a winter wonderland.