Under a Full Moon – Hawaii

We decided to start off the day in style. Hotdogs for breakfast!

Wandered around down at the beach, as well as in the shopping district.

The DFS, (duty free store), really caught our eye with a display, just inside the front entrance, of mannequin runway model walking several small, (taxidermied), dogs down the cat walk.  This was wild even by Margaret standards.  The dogs were quite flambuoyant, posing in a variety of provocative ways.  Q was thrilled!
Speed eating and Yoga sound like an unfavorable combo

Q trying to weigh herself
Q put on her Bandit Mask at some point in the early evening, as she wanted to properly acknowledge the Full Moon.  I was concerned about the level of debauchery that always seems to follow the donning of said Bandit Mask, but luckily, Q forgot about the whole thing after she helped eat a giant plate of fries ordered off the Happy Hour menu.

Bandit Mask!

We left Happy Hour as the sun was going down, and if I haven’t said it a million times already, sunset is the awesome-est time for a walk.  The air smell great!  The temperature is perfect.

Q helps pick out tunes

Later that night, I joined the group for drinks at a Arnold’s Beach Bar, and was almost attacked by a transvestite. 

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