Q Goes Under the Knife

I told Q, if she intends to travel with me, (and stay on my insurance), she would need to maintain an optimum level of health and fitness. What she doesn’t know,  (I’m referring to my homeowners insurance policy which does not require a particular standard of physical and mental health).

We pretend not to notice, but Q’s arms are a bit saggy. Back when her ancestors first hit the scene, nylon string was used to secure movable arm joints, prior to the  invention of elastic/plastic materials. Over the years, the nylon strings disintegrated. This is why you see so many arm-less Qs today.

My Q has led an exceptionally sheltered existence, and although  she still maintains her original nylon string joints, they have loosened and stained over the passage of time.

First thing tomorrow morning, Q is going under the knife to repair the aforementioned condition.

She’s a little nervous about the procedure and has requested additional pain meds.

I am optimistic about the results.

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