Learning to Get Along With Each Other

I wanted to ensure Q and I had good chemistry to travel together, and there is pending trip, and I don’t want anything to go wrong; anything within my control, that is.

I took Q on errands with me over the last couple days to see how she responds to the world.

Documentation of these events are not in any particular order, and all events involving tears, tantrums and law enforcement intervention have been removed.

Q helped make muffins. I’m so proud of her!
Big nachos for me, tiny nachos for Q. Although she was cut off almost immediately, the bartender seemed sweet on her and invited her out to the patio for a smoke. Blue Cue
Q goes to the movies, and becomes wildly distracted


Surprisingly, we did not get pulled over for this.
Q feels it is not fair my bev is larger than hers.
We both wondered why the bathroom key was attached to a DVD jacket for National Treasure, (Starring Nicholas Cage). Is this some indication of the quality of this production?  Beers Books
I tried to tell Q, in this town, it is not wise to use public transit as a networking opportunity.

I’ve got Q convinced this is her new apartment.
Q wants to get a jump on Halloween shopping. She’s thinking Darth Vader.
Q was helping Athena pour drinks at Fanny Anne’s Saloon.

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